MAJIF TRUST’s legal‎ representation is provided by John G. Graham and Associates Limited located at 7 Belmont Road, Kingston 10.

Yes. Members can take a leave of absence from the fund and return. The dates and reasons for a member’s absence must be communicated in writing to the chairman of MAJIF TRUST. Leave must be granted in writing by MAJIF TRUST for it to become effective.

You are free to employ any and all resources at your disposal. MAJIF TRUST will only be responsible for the legal costs incurred by the attorney appointed by the fund’s board of management. 

No. MAJIF TRUST offers flexible payment plans at a reasonable interest rate. Please contact us for further details.

Yes. We offer coverage for multiple specialities and procedures. Please pay special attention to specific questions asked on our application form such as: blood transfusions, laser procedures, laparoscopic surgery etc. If the circumstances of your practice change at any point, please indicate the change to MAJIF TRUST as soon as possible.

Yes. MAJIF TRUST can offer coverage for a period not exceeding 3 months within the 12 month policy period to members travelling in the English-speaking Caribbean.

MAJIF TRUST must be informed and approve the application before coverage will become effective.

There are several ways to join MAJIF TRUST. Some convenient ways include:

  1. Online registration and payment
  2. You can visit the MAJ office located at 19a Windsor Avenue, Kingston 5.

MAJIF TRUST has a management board including representatives of the MAJ, our management firm (FIRM Insurance Brokers Ltd.) and a member of the general public. We employ an actuary and strictly adhere to the Financial Services Commissions guidelines on insurance fund compliance.

MAJIF TRUST provides a range of coverage of between 5.5-70 million JMD. Each member is free to select the amount that they are comfortable with. We advise members to consider the complexity, level of clinical risk as well as the size of their practice into consideration. We remain available to discuss your individual concerns.

We provide indemnity insurance for members of the fund while they were paid up members. If a claim is made within the dates of your membership, MAJIF TRUST will honour a claim including legal costs up to the maximum value of your coverage at the time of the incident.

Since 2002 MAJIF TRUST has successfully represented members in more than 40 cases and paid more than 40 million JMD dollars in fees and settlements on behalf of our members.

Your policy will lapse and you will no longer have indemnity insurance coverage for the subsequent period. A special charge will be applied to your next application to MAJIF TRUST.

You will need a current copy of your Medical Council of Jamaica registration, as well as of any specialist certification you may have.

Please call MAJIF TRUST once you become aware of any adverse clinical outcome in your practice. The Chairman may be contacted through the offices of the MAJ during regular business hours.

MAJIF TRUST is owned by the MAJIF TRUST and its members. All members of MAJIF TRUST are members of the MAJ, members of the MAJ only become members of MAJIF TRUST if they join the fund.

Protecting your professional integrity as well as financial well being is very important. As technology, medical practice and legal precedents both locally and internationally advance your exposure to litigation is also increased. An appropriate level of insurance coverage will assist in your protection should the event of a case arise.