Introduction Dengue is the most prevalent mosquito-borne viral disease, with an estimated 50 million infections occurring annually throughout the world. Dengue affects all age groups with a spectrum of clinical presentations from an asymptomatic, mild viral syndrome to severe disease characterized by hemorrhage and shock. Case fatality rates vary from… Read More »

President’s Manifesto 2011-2013

Medical Association of Jamaica Presidential Address September 2011   By  Aggrey Benjamin Irons MB. BS.  DPM. DM   There is no doubt that the title of this organization defines its purpose. The MAJ or MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF JAMAICA  says what it is and what it does  but for too many of us it… Read More »

Principles of Ethics for Emergency Medicine

(Based on the American College of Emergency Medicine) The basic professional obligation of beneficent service to humanity is expressed in various physicians’ oaths. In addition to this general obligation, emergency physicians assume more specific ethical obligations that arise out of the special features of emergency medical practice. The principles listed… Read More »

Ethics & Professional Responsibilities

A symbiotic relationship exists between good ethical conduct and the practice of medicine. Consequently, professional ethics constitutes principles that guide conduct and interaction between professionals and others with whom they came in contact during the course of their work. Observance of these principles are of paramount importance, as the principles… Read More »

Code of Professional Ethics for Physicians

Code of Professional Ethics for Physicians The medical practitioner has responsibilities to the patient, the society, other health professionals as well as to him/herself. The concerns most often highlighted are the patient and physician relationship, the conduct and practice of the physician, conflicts of interest, professional relations and societal responsibilities.… Read More »